1. Not sure where the heck I was going with this, but it’s never getting finished. 


  2. what-is-it-armin:

    The Mayor. Just the Mayor. Being happy. 

    For mewties.

    I’m not dead I swear. Look, have a happy Mayor.


  3. Jason delivers justice with his bodacious booty for the good of all humanity! [Uncolored] [Larger]


  4. In the name of Justice Jason, I will defeat you!

    Here you have dendensushicosplay as a magical girl. Colored version will be up… eventually. Anyway, if you’re interested in anime and friendly cosplayers, go check out his blog!

    [EDIT] Fixed the straps!


  5. Rough sketch of Nico di Angelo. Classes start again tomorrow (unfortunately). Anyway, just needed this to hold the tag. May delete later.


  6. Thank you! For some reason I’m just in a mood to draw everyone with lollipops.


  7. Suffering some major art block, so I sketched out q-dormir's fantroll, Vezorl Folnir (because everyone draws Carina, haha). Probably completely skewed her personality and character design though orz


  8. Bigger version here. This was a commission.